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  • Damian Marley (Feat. Nas) - Road To Zion



    "Road To Zion"
    (feat. Nas)

    Yeah Man...
    Jah will be waiting there, We a shout!
    Jah will be waiting there

    [Verse 1]
    In this world of calamity
    Dirty looks and grudges and jealousy
    And police weh abuse dem authority
    Media clowns weh nuh know 'bout variety

    The youngest veteran a go murder dem slow
    Ragga muffin sent to call me from the bush bungalow
    Unnu watch mek I clear out my voice now Figaro!
    Emerge from the darkness... Voir plus

  • Féfé - Dans Ma Rue



    "Dans Ma Rue" 

    Loin du bonheur et des îles
    Ou la misère prend ses aises.

    Près du hall où l'oppressé
    Se console avec des “Si”

    Plus de chemins, plus de repères, que des raccourcis
    Pour la plus part piégés, piégés, piégés

    Quand se nourrir est un film
    Et nourrir les tiens ton rôle

    La rue te donne quelques scènes
    Tirées de mauvais scénarios.

    Pour le coup elle peut te fournir tous les plans possibles
    Mais pour demain qui... Voir plus

  • Erikah Badu (Feat. Common) - Love of my life



    "Love Of My Life"
    (feat. Common)


    Bring it over here and let's go back
    Way back
    Way back, yeah

    I met him when I was a
    Little girl, he gave me
    He gave me poetry
    And he was my first

    But in my heart I knew I
    Wasn't the only one
    'Cause when the tables turned
    He had to break up

    Whenever I got lonely
    Or needed some advice
    He gave me his shoulder
    His words were very nice

    But that is all behind me
    'Cause now there is no... Voir plus